Towsure ElectroShield Powder Coat Finish

Towsure ElectroShieldTough and durable - ready to fit protective finish


You naturally want the best for your vehicle, and this means a tough, high quality protective finish on your towbar - on the parts you see and on the parts you don't see!

All new Towsure towbars manufactured after November 2013 feature our ElectroShield powder-coating paint finish for increased durability and aesthetic appearance. Tougher than a standard paint finish the ElectroShield coating is electrostatically applied to form a tough polyester based skin, highly resistant to chipping and scratching.

Tested to the Extreme: The ElectroShield coating has been tested for 1000 hours in an extreme atmosphere, to ensure that the tough finish will meet all the rigours of regular use.

Ready To Fit: The towbar is ready to fit to the car out of the box with no additional painting required.


Towsure Towbar for Ford Mondeo

In-House Preparation and Coating

After the towbar is welded, it passes through a comprehensive pretreatment process to prepare the bare towbar for uniform paint coverage, advanced corrosion resistance and the adhesion required for such a strong protective coating.


The first stage in our comprehensive preparation is the thorough degreasing of the towbar and all metal components, to remove the oils which protected the bare metal before and during manufacture and ensure that the metal is thoroughly cleaned on all surfaces and in every small corner, as any remaining grease inhibits paint adhesion at the final stage.

Cleaning Rinse

Following degreasing, a low-alkaline rinse is performed at the same temparature of the degreaser.


Zinc Phosphate Conversion Coating

Towsure's preparation utilises crystalline zinc phosphate to give a superior substrate for surface appearance, paint adhesion and detergent resistance than with the lower cost iron phosphate process. phosphoric acid and salts are applied by immersion, chemically reacting with the cleaned metal surface to form a protective insoluble layer to improve corrosion resistance. The solution chemistry and temperature is carefully controlled throughout the process for the best results.


Powder Coating

Final Rinse

The final rinse process is an overflowing rinse with a concentration dictated as a percentage of the phosphate solution. This rinse is the final stage in treating the metal into a clean surface ready for immediate dry-off and coating.


Application of the ElectroShield Powder Coat Finish

Following treatment the towbar is transferred to the final coating stage. The application of our polyester based coating using the electrostatic spray method ensures a level, even and uniform coating. The charged powder paint particles are attracted to the earthed towbar metalwork to ensure effective adhesion across the whole of the surface. Finally the towbar and its components is heat cured. The curing involves a chemical reaction of "cross linking" which prevents future melting or dissolving of the coating and forms the toughened protective coating required on a component such as a towing bracket, subject to heavy load-bearing in all weathers out of doors.