Choosing the Correct Size Caravan Cover

Choosing the correct size protective cover for your caravan is easy. To measure your caravan for a cover, simply measure the caravan body, measuring parallel to the ground, from the rearmost point to the foremost point, including the gas locker but NOT including the A-frame.  Caravan Covers are not measured for height

See the diagram below for a guide.

Where your caravan is just below a step in sizing (i.e. your caravan is 13' 11" and the size step is at 14", choose the smaller size. If you choose the larger size the cover will be much more difficult to fit as the excess material will need firmly strapping up to prevent flapping and possible tearing in heavy winds.  However allowance should be made for particularly large satellite dishes that are permanently mounted to the caravan roof.

How to measure your caravan for a cover


The same principles apply to measuring up for a full size Motorhome Cover.  Measure parallel to the ground from the front to rear of the motorhome.

What Size Motorhome Cover?


Fitting a Cover to a CaravanCaravan Covers and Motorhome Covers

Your caravan cover needs to perform well to protect your caravan over the cold and damp winter months so you can enjoy it again as soon as possible in springtime.

We have a great selection of caravan covers and motorhome covers, including covers for the ever popular VW campervan. See all of our VW camper covers and motorhome cover products online.

Our covers are chosen to be breathable and water-resistant, allowing moisture and condensation forming inside the caravan to escape, protecting it from damage caused by damp, meaning that your caravan or RV will be well cared for whilst it is in storage, be that over winter in a compound or on your driveway in the summer.

Our covers for caravans and RVs are designed to be a universal fit, with features such as easy to use straps and elasticated hems, making them a perfect fit for almost any model, whilst less costly than a bespoke made-to-fit cover.